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What happens when a small-time criminal uncovers a shadowy international financial conspiracy?


When Elijah Levi, an Israeli bank clerk, can no longer afford his wife's medical care, he resolves to embezzle money from the bank to keep afloat. Yet, while committing this embezzlement, he accidentally discovers a secret file of numbered accounts alluding to an international financial crime of legendary proportions; a crime that could topple the entire Israeli banking system.


Now he must decide how to handle this ticking time bomb - or bear the consequences.


This gripping financial thriller provides a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the American, Swiss and Israeli global banking systems. It exposes the substantial crimes committed by the financial elites that often remain undetected and unpunished, while the small fry are implicated and imprisoned for merely being caught in no-win situations.  


Jacob Ganani is an Israeli mystery and thriller author, a business analyst and a financial consultant. Conspiracy is his fourth novel.

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